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Academic studies of FSM participants

Though most studies listed here are concerned only with participants, a few use participant studies as background for conflict analysis.

This list is not complete. If you know of other pertinent references, please tell us. Copies of their texts, as well as of those listed already, would save us some work. We'd particularly appreciate help in securing permissions to put these studies online.

Abeles, Ronald P. and Kenneth Keniston

1973      "The continued radicalism of Berkeley Free Speech Movement arrestees." Unpublished paper.

Abramowitz, Stephen I. and Alberta J. Nassi

1981      "Keeping the faith: psychosocial correlates of activism persistence into middle adulthood." Journal of Youth and Adolescence 10:507-23

Bay, Christian

1967      "Political and apolitical students: facts in search of theory."  Journal of Social Issues 23(3):34-51 - excerpt

Demartini, Joseph

1982      "The 1960s activists today." Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, San Francisco.

Haan, Norma, M. Brewster Smith and Jeanne H. Block

1968      "Moral reasoning of young adults: poitical-social behavior, family background and personality correlates." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 10:183-201

Heist, Paul

1966      "Intellect and committment: the faces of discontent." In O.W., Knoor and W.J. Mintner (eds.), Order and freedom on the campus. Center for the Study of Higher Eduction; Boulder, Colo.: Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education 61-69

Lipset, S. M. and Philip Altbach

1966      "Student Politics and Higher Education in the United States." Comparative Education Review 10(2):320-349

Lyonns, Glen

1965      'The police-car demonstraton: a survey of participants." In S.M. Lipset and S.S. Wolin (Eds.), The Berkeley Student Revolt. New York,: Anchor Books, 1965.

Maidenberg, Michael and Philip Meyer

1970      "The Berkeley rebels five years later" Detroit Free Press (Seven-part series, Feb. 1-7, based on survey of 230 FSM participants.)

Nassi, Alberta J.

1981      "Survivors of the sixties: comparative psychosocial and political development of former Berkeley student activists." American Psychologist 36:753-61

Nassi, Alberta J. and Stephen I. Abramowitz

1979      "Transition or transformation? Personal and political development of former Berkeley Free Speech Movement activists." Journal of Youth and Adolescence 8:21-35

Somers, Robert H.

1965      "The mainsprings of the rebellion: a survey of Berkeley students in November 1964." In S.M. Lipset and S.S. Wolin (Eds.), The Berkeley Student Revolt New York,: Anchor Books, 1965

Trent, James W. and Judith L. Craise

1967      "Committment and Conformity in the American College". Journal of Social Issues 23(3):34-51

Trow, Martin

1965      "Some lessons from Berkeley". (Paper for Annual Meeting of the American Council on Education, Washington, D.C. 10/7/65.)

Watts, William A. and Whittaker, David N.

1966      "Some socio-psychological differences between highly-committed members of the Free Speech Movement and the student population at Berkeley." Journal of Applied Behavioral Science2(1): 41-62


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