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These  photos are by Rich Muller, an FSM arrestee. We hope if you have some to share you will get in touch with us.

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Police wading in to make arrests behind front window of Sproul Hall - rich-fear.jpg (26547 bytes)

Rich Muller was in Sproul Hall and took photos during the night and in the wee hours during arrests. We'll be bringing more of his photos here. They were taken with 400 ASA film and holding the camera very steady, no flash was used. He scanned the photos himself as tiffs and I did some slight retouching to cover old scratches and dust on the prints and converted them to jpegs for posting on the FSM-A site.

Richard Muller holds copyright to all his photos, should you wish to contact him, send me an email and I'll forward it to him. We very much appreciate his allowing us to post them on the site.

Susan Druding

After Rich emailed me this photo which he called "Fear" I asked some questions about the action and here is his email to me:

"Yes, they had batons, and (obviously) helmets. They were undoubtedly as confused as we were, and maybe as frightened. Civil disobedience was new to them, and they didn't know what kind of resistance to expect. As you probably remember, instruction had been set up that evening in passive resistance, from the more experienced FSMers, so we had some idea of what to expect and how to act. I never saw the police hit anyone with the batons, and I don't think they did."

"I believe that the charge up the stairs took place about 2:30 am, but I could be off by an hour either way. What I recall was that it was clear they wanted all the action to take place in the middle of the night, before students and faculty returned to campus. Their goal (we guessed) was to get all the arrests over before daybreak. Thanks to the passive resistance, and the large numbers, they failed. "

Chancellor Strong telling students to leave Sproul Hall before the arrests begin (17219 bytes)

The above photo shows Chancellor Strong warning with a bullhorn that of impending arrests. These warnings were repeated on each floor of Sproul Hall.


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