Free Speech Movement Photogallery


Mystery Photos. Help us ID people depicted.

Anonymous Executive Committee Photos

Ronald L. Enfield
73 photos
10/6/2014 Ron Enfield wrote: "We used our own 35mm cameras; also, we frequently used a 4x5 Speed Graphic with Strobonar flash
that we checked out from the University Graphic Arts Department, and processed our film and prints
in the Photo Club darkroom in the basement of Eshleman Hall (the old Eshleman, next to Strawberry Creek).
Terrific Interview 10/7/2014

Lee Felsenstein FSM Central

Mike Friedman

N E W! Paula Friedman Kodachrome slides December 3, 1964 STRIKE
Terrific signs include: Teamsters Honor Strike; S.F State for FSM

Paul Fusco
FSM photos throughout Goines "The Free Speech Movement"

The Boomer Comes of Age

Howard Harawitz
151 photos Howard Harawitz Photos
Harowitz Savio photos

Jim Jumblatt
December 3, 1964
25 Kodachrome photos

Don Kechely
A number of his photos are featured in Max Heirich's The Beginning: Berkeley, 1964

Chris Kjobech photograph 11/20/1964. Oakland Museum Collection

Tom Kuykendall Sept. 30, 1964
98 photos

Tom Kuykendall Oct.1, 1964
99 photos

Tom Kuykendall Oct. 2, 1964
65 photos

Tom Kuykendall Oct-Nov, 1964
117 photos

Tom Kuykendall Nov. 20, 1964
50 photos

Tom Kuykendall Dec. 2-3, 1964
158 photos

Steven Marcus
121 photos

Wayne Miller and Elaine Mayes and Charles Moore
1 photo each

Richard A. Muller
Muller photos with Susan Druding commentary

December 3, 1964 Mystery Photos Now known to be Richard A. Muller photos. These are negs scanned by FSM-A.

NBC Bay Area
48 photos

Helen Nestor
34 photos

Roger Riordan color photos NEW!

Michael Rossman

Michael Rossman Meeting Photos
17 photos NEW!

SF News-Call Newspaper
65 photos

UC Calisphere
247 photos

If you have or know of photos from these times and events, we'd love to be able to share them here. Please get in touch - we can scan and the photographer canl be identified as copyright holder.



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