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What Happened during the FSM
            Books, poetry, fiction, other
            Journalism, and Art

1964-65 Publications by the FSM, other students groups, Faculty and Administration

Media: Photos, Film and Videos, and Audio

          Leading to the FSM
                        Prior Student Movements
                                    SLATE Archives website, SLATE and Due Process, SLATE History
                        Civil Right Movement

What Happened Next
            The Trials
            Graduate Coordinating Committee (brief history)
            Associated Graduate Council
            Obscenity (aka "Filthy Speech Movement") and Due Process see also Goines, The Free Speech             Movement, Chap. 50 (53 pages)
            Free Student Union
            Free University Berkeley
            FSM Arrestees denied CA Teaching Credentials, appeal, and prevail
            Vietnam Day Committee
            Education Reform

FSM Participants
            The Arrestees List In Memoriam
            Participant organizations
            Participant Studies
            Mario Savio

Commemorating the FSM
            FSM Archives
            Reunions & Commemorations: 1984, 1989, 1994, 2004, 2014
            Steve Silberstein Gift
            Savio Steps
            Mario Savio Speakers' Corner
            Free Speech disc on Sproul
            "Berkeley Big People" Statue near overpass


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