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The Mario Savio Steps


stepssharon.jpg (4050 bytes) Sharon Yuan, ASUC President was the M.C.

Carol Christ, Vice Chancellor talked about the Importance of this Dedicationstepschrist.jpg (3372 bytes)


History Prof. Leon Litwack gave a very moving presentation of the signifcance of the stepslitwack.jpg (3322 bytes)FSM to the university and students. (Some of his comments can be found in the article linked at the right in the Daily Cal, Dec 4). We hope to have a link to his entire speech here soon. 

stepsmichael.jpg (6496 bytes)Michael Rossman, Veteran of the FSM, talked about Mario and the Steps. He also announced this Web page and hopes for its use.


stepskevin.jpg (2396 bytes)Kevin Zwick, UC student, former ASUC Senator,  spoke about student perceptions of the FSM. Kevin was one of two ASUC Senators who first proposed the Mario Savio Steps.

stepshaatem.jpg (2715 bytes)Haatem Basian, UC Grad student and Graduate Minority Project Coordinator, remembered Mario and his work with him fighting Prop. 209.

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Lynn Hollander, Mario Savio's widow, read a passage from Mario on what Free Speech meant to him.

Free Speech Movement Archives 1997
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Photos on this page
1997 Susan Druding
Photos taken with a digital Sanyo camera.

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Articles in Chronicle:

San Francisco Chronicle Article, Dec. 3

San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 3 - photograph

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The crowd gathering before the ceremony.
The Mario Savio Steps plaque can be seen
in the center of the top step in the above photo.

stepssavios.jpg (14809 bytes)
Mario Savio's father, Joe Savio,
and Tom Savio, his brother.

stepsrose.jpg (13860 bytes)
Rose, a 2 year old from
Oakland was intrigued by
the new plaque.

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