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Alphabetical Index of the Archives
of the Free Speech Movement, Part 1
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Titles in boldface blue link directly to leaflets here (digitized) files. Italicized titles are retyped or in  trivially-variant forms, without content differences from similar titles shown non-italicized. Save as noted, pages are standard letter-size, mimeographed, and printed on one side only. (Almost all documents longer than one page are printed on both sides.) At present, 264 distinct texts published by the FSM are indexed here, amounting to 480 pages. Below is the alphabetical index. As leaflets are scanned and analog images of the leaflets are available (either on our site or on Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley) we will show a link to them with this blue eye symbol. fsm-eye.gif (292 bytes)

For an Introduction to the story behind these document archives and an explanation of the columns and notes below, see this Introduction to the Leaflets of the FSM Index page.

Note that a hektograph is more commonly called a ditto copy.

For a chronologially ordered list of these same documents, visit the Chronological Index page.

FSM Veterans: Please check any archives you hold against this list, we hope to find missing documents. If you have any lost pages of our history,
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(Map of Dwinelle/Chancellor's office) - reverse of "An ethic..."
8 Students Suspended/Free Speech Rally b: 9/30 --
11 AM Press Release... Strike Press Central/Long picket lines .. 12/4. form 1
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Academic Freedom: The FSM and Particle-Berkeley 12/4??? re-issue of Particle and... ??
Acknowledge these on-campus rights: 10/28 reverse of FSM Progress report
ACLU Intervenes for Suspended U. C. Students early Nov??. 2 pp.
Acting Chancellor Martin Myerson... (Bouwsma) 3/23 --
Addenda - thanks/apologies, for whose booklet?
Administration Says: No Free Speech 11/9? (??) b:/16 --
Administrative Pressures --- 1965 early Jan. --
Administrative Pressures and Student Political Activity... c. 10/28 8 pp. offset + 125 pp. hektograph
The Administration has initiated new disciplinary action... 11/30 -
The administration... has indefinitely suspended... 10/1? s/ United Student Groups
The Administration: bungling friend or deliberate enemy? 10/16??1 2 pp.
The admistration delegates... 10/20-11/5 --
\Announcement/The next meeting of the UGS... 12/13-16 --
An appeal to the Regents 11/20 reverse side of "The Principles.."
"At present..."/Throughout the past semester... 1/2-4/65 intro to Human Dignity...;
Attention/Meeting/Independents for Free Speech 10/8 --

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Battle of Berkeley Background 12/10 insert in FSM Newsletter #5, 2 pp.
*Begun speaking 15 minutes after... 12/4-6 attendance survey instructions
Berkeley Citizens Back Faculty 12/13 press-release
The Berkeley Faculty and Student Political Activity (C. Sellers) >12/10 4 pp
The Berkeley Zoo Spring??? satirical, personal 2 pp.
The Big Lie 3/11 8.5"x14"
Big Student Riot! (So What's New?)/Art Hoppe 12/8?? reprint, retyped
Big Student Riot! (So What's New?)/Art Hoppe 12/8?? reprint -
A Bill of Wrongs 4/26 --
A Brief Note on the Content of Political Liberty for Students 11/5-15??. 6 pp.
Cal Alumni Refute Cal Alumni Council 12/17+18 press-release 2 pp.
A Call for Freedom in the University' early Dec?? s/ by GCC 8.5"x14"
Campus Conference on Educational Reform 3/20 13 pp.
\Campus CORE Public Forum/Crisis in the Oakland Schools 2/10 --
Charging that "your act..." 12/7 hektograph press release
Chronicle of the Free Speech Controversy 11/23-4?? 4 pp.
Chronology of the Free Speech Controversy 11/23-4?? 3 pp.
Civil Disobedience Questionaire Nov?? survey form
\Civil Rights/CORE/SNCC 12/13 --
Come Say Goodbye to Our Defendants 8/6 --
\Confused Poop Sheet [for Repression Report] 3rd wk Oct?? 6 pp.
\Constitution of the Union of University-Employed Graduate Students mid-Dec?? 3 pp.
Correction Correction Correction 12/7 press release
*Course No,_____ Time of class_____ 12/5-6 survey-form
The Court in Contempt c. 3/10?? -

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Dans le Monde de Paris 12/4-7? reprint
\Dear Faculty Member, The Undergraduate Association 1/1 1 course info form
*Dear Folk Artist... early Jan?? cover-letter to songbook artists
Dear Regent, It appears undeniably certain... (Mike Eisen) 12/4 l0 pp.
Dear Sir: Here is the first product... early Jan?? promo for The Regents;
Dear Sir: On December 8... 12/8 form-letter for organizational support
Dear Sir: Since the fate... (M. Garson) 12/7 form-letter for union contacts
Dear _____ We are all concerned... 12/6 interfaith form-letter 8.5"x14",
Dear _______ I am writing to you... 12/23 press contacts form-letter
Dec. 5, 1964 For Immediate Release/Amidst all the fury... 12/5 press release, 2 pp.
The Demise of Freedom Mar?? -
Do not throw this away. Please pass... early Dec. guide to writing to Regents
-Emergency meeting of the Faculty ... Wheeler Auditorium 12/6-7?? --
Emergency Students' Committee <10/2? hektograph, 40 names
An End to History, Mario Savio (from tape in Sproul Hall) 12/3  
An ethic must avoid... 11/23? reverse side of Map
Excerpt from Antigone by Sophocles early Dec?? reprint, 2 pp.

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Faculty Free Speech Petition early Nov?? form
Fast continues! The students who have undertaken... urge... 12/4-6? --
Fellow students: The students of the [FSM]... 12/1 form-letter to other universities
The Fight for Free Speech at... >11/9 ver. 2 3??, form 2; 8.5"x14" 4pp.
The Fight for Free Speech at... 10/7?-8 b:/9 version 1 4 pp.
The Fight for Free Speech at... >11/9 version 2, form 1 7 8?? pp.
Folk Concert 11/17 --
The following is a brief attempt... early Oct. ??.?Nov?? An Independent View ver. 1, 2 pp.
The following is a suggestion... 11/19 form-letter
The following telegram ... Bertrand Russell 12/6-7 press release
For consideration by the Berkeley division... 12/2-4 attached; pub. by FSM??
For immediate release/James Baldwin... 12/15. press release
+FREE SPEECH SONGBOOK early Jan?? 17 pp.
FREE SPEECH 11/20-12/7??? bumper-sticker
FREE SPEECH 12/3-5 computer punch-card, 7.4"x3.3"
FREE SPEECH/F.S.M. 11/7 (10/8-14???) pinback button, 1"
Free Speech in Jeopardy 4/23?? 2 pp., 8.5"x14"
The free speech issue affects... mid-Nov.?? speaker request form, hektograph
Free Speech Meeting 10/4-7?? reverse side of News Release...
FSM Press Release/According to Professor Edward ... 12/7 --
FSM Press Release/Among the many classes cancelled... 12/4 --
FSM Press Release/Berkeley Mandate 12/16 --
FSM Press Release/Cornell University faculty... 12/13 --
FSM Press Release/Faculty Comments in Favor... 12/10 2 pp.
FSM Press Release/I have three statements... 11/19 --
FSM Press Release/"John Hendrix... benefit concert...." 12/13 --
FSM Press Release/Long picket lines outside.. 12/4 form 2
FSM Press Release/Mario Savio announced this morning... 12/7 --
FSM Press Release/Only 18% of the students... 12/7 --
FSM Press Release/"President Kerr has recognized... 12/7 --
FSM Press Release/Statement by John Burton 12/4 --
FSM Press Release/Telegram sent to Clark Kerr.. (Rustin) 12/8 released??
FSM Press Release/Telegrams of support for... 12/8 --
FSM Press Release/The strike ... joined by professors... 12/4 --
FSM Press Release/This is a student ... 12/4 2nd version, 2 pp.
FSM Press Release/This is a student demonstration... 12/4 lst version
FSM Press Release/We have formally requested an audience... 11/19 --
FSM Press Release/With deep gratitude.. 12/8 Happiness... 1st form
*Free Speech Movement/The administration has announced... 11/12 press release
FSM Press Release/Berkeley campus supports faculty 12/13 --
Free Speech Now!/We are pleased... b: 9/29. --
Free Speech Now/In Sunday's Chronicle... late Oct?? b:9/28 --
Free Speech Petition/We, the undersigned... early Dec petition form
Free Speech Vigil/Wednesday, September 23 9/23 --
Free speech isn't free/Free Speech Defense Fund late Jan.?? --
$Free Speech, Berkeley: A Collection of Documents > 12/20-Jan?? into to bundle of 15 documents
%Free Speech, Berkeley: A Collection of Documents >12/20-Jan?? intro to bundle of 11 documents
Free Student Union Declaration 4/29 8.5"x14"
Fresno, Jan. 31, 1965/Resolution No. 6 1/31 press-release,Calif. Dem. Council
FSM -- On Kerr's Manipulations 12/7?? 2nd version 4 pp.?
FSM -- On Kerr's Manipulations 1 2/7 first version, 8.5"x14" 2 pp.
FSM Action 12/13 first form
FSM Action 12/13 second form
FSM Benefit Hoot ... the Cacaphony Dec?? hektograph
FSM Bulletin 11/2 --
FSM Defense/Today the last defendants are entering their plea... late Jan?? --
FSM Demands 10/12-15?? --
FSM Meeting/Thursday May 25 5/25 --
FSM Member Organizations >11/28; 12/4?? press release
FSM needs you! early Dec volunteer skill/schedule form
FSM NEWSLETTER [No. I] 10/9 offset 4 pp.
FSM NEWSLETTER, No. II 10/20 offset 4 pp.
FSM NEWSLETTER, No. III 11/2' offset 4 pp.
FSM NEWSLETTER, No. IV 11/17! offset 4 pp.
FSM NEWSLETTER, No. V 12/10 inc. "Battle of..." offset 6 pp.
FSM presents James Farmer ... at Telegraph and Bancroft 12/12-15 --
*FSM Press Central/Order for Printed Matter early Dec. form multiple
*FSM Press Release/Concerning Chancellor Strong's Statement 11/11 --
*FSM Press Release/President Kerr has announced... 11/12 --
FSM Progress Report 10/28 form 1 2pp.
FSM Progress Report 10~/29?? form 2 2 pp.
FSM Rally/Noon Today 11/11 b:/13 reverse side of On Monday...
FSM Song Sheet 11/17 --
*FSM Work Order early Dec form multiple
FSM 12/3-5 computer punch-card, 7.4"x3.3"
FSM 12/2-4 functionary arm-band, spray-paint /stencil on cloth, 1lx49 cm.
FSM -- A Declaration of Independence 4/28 8.5 x14
FSM -- Caravan to Davis 10/14(15?) --
FSM's Joy to UC mid-Dec.?? 10 song texts, 2 pp.
FSM's Sounds & Songs of the Demo... Dec/Jan?? 9 song texts, 8 pp., 5.5"x8.5"; offset
FSM's Sounds & Songs of the Demonstration Dec/Jan?? record jacket, f/b, 12"x12"; offset
FSM/Non-Students early Oct?? --
FSM/Please answer the following questions... 10/19 (to 10/26??) survey form, 6 pp.

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General Student Strike 12/3 --
Governor Edmund Brown.../J.B. Neilands 12/4 press release
Graduate Students FSM/Meeting of Departmental Representatives 10/13 --
Happiness is a thing called people early Jan.? --
Happiness is an Academic Senate meeting 12/9 2nd form, offset
Happiness is an Academic Senate meeting 12/8 first form
Here We Stand 11/19 --
The Honeymoon.../The continuing crisis... 4/29?? --
Human Dignity and the Multiversity 1/24/65 We Want a Uni...; lst form, 10 pp.
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- - -
Important F.S.M Bulletin 10/13 --
In Clarification of the Faculty Proposal 11/18 pub. by FSM?? 5 pp.
In Los Angeles for Xmas? Folk concert at the Ash Grove... 12/10-16 b:/16 --
Independent Socialist Club Forum/THE NEW CRISIS 3/15, --
An Independent View mid-Oct??? Nov?? 2nd version, 2nd form 2 pp.
An Independent View mid-Oct??? Nov?? 2nd version, Ist form 2 pp.
Inform your Friends about the Events at Berkeley 12/16 --
Information Card -- to be used by the ... FSM early 'Dec??? form
*Information Sheet #3 on Repression late Oct --
*Information Sheet #4 for Report on Repression late Oct --
\Information sheet for research on repression... mid-Oct 6 pp. + 2 pp. Confused Poop...
Injustice at Berkeley in the Obscenity Case 3/25 --
Injustice at Berkeley in the Obscenity Case 3/25 reverse side of The University does not..."
An institution claiming... (George Hardy) 12/3 press release, 2 pp.
\"An institution in ..."/On Urban Renewal Jan.?? stencil titled "F U Quotes" 8.5"x 14"
\"An institution in which..." Jan.?? --
Instructions for pickets/1. First and last... 12/3-4 --
Instructions for Pickets/Check in... 12/4-7 hektograph
Instructions for Walk-Out Coordinators 12/4-5 hektograph
\Iranian Students Association/Here is the events... mid-Dec?? --
"It gives as examples..." -- p.2 of some leaflet by Garson
It is happening now! 12/3 --
It's taken me a year and a half... Dec?? stencil marked "Obession with Printed Word"
It's YOUR fight, too! 10/1 --

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