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Pacifica Radio Archives
KPFA Recordings of the Free Speech Movement

digitized from 1/4 inch audiotape. You can copy these recordings, but they may not be used for commercial purposes.
also available for listenting at UCB Media Resources site. You can't download these files, but it might save us potential server fees from download activity.

November 20, 1964: Report of FSM march through campus from Sproul Plaza to Regents office and performances by Joan Baez
A report is given on the union picket line around University Hall in Millman's Union. Joan Baez sings "All My Trials", "There But for Fortune", "Donna Donna", and "Blowing in the Wind". In between songs, an announcement is made about the FSM delegation of five which has been seated in the room for the Regents meeting. The delegation of five includes Mario Savio, Steve Weissman, Mona Hutchin, Mike Rossman and Ron Anastasi. Anastasi reports on Kerr's address to Regents followed by Savio's comments on the faculty proposal put before Regents, then ends with comments from Mike Rossman.


Sproul Hall Sit-in, September 30/October 1, 1964
Sit-in inside Sproul Hall          0:32:50            reel 1 of 10            30,788 KB (128 bps as provided by Pacifica)
Sit-in inside Sproul Hall          0:32:50            reel 1 of 10            15,394 KB (mono, constant bitrate, 64 bps, 44.1 kHz)

The first FSM occupation at University of California, Berkeley's Sproul Hall.  The recording features students singing protest songs and chants. It includes discussion among Dean of Men Arleigh Williams, Mario Savio, Brian Turner, Nate Coleman, Michael Rossman, Jim Pricket, and others, about the student occupation and their demands. Professor Nathan Glazer (Sociology) discusses faculty actions and opinions related to the demonstration and FSM demands. Songs and chants of demonstrators. Demonstrator vote on course of sit-in. The student agree to leave Sproul Hall so that the sociology faculty can negotiate with the school administration.

The car top rally. Scroll down,

David Goines, The Free Speech Movement, p635

"Of particular interest are KPFA recordings of the events of Thursday and Friday, October first and second, 1964. The KPFA field recordings were made by Burton White, Jerry Farrell, Mike Eisen, John Whiting, Al Silbowitz, Scott Keach and Dave Bacon, under the direction of Burton White."

Free speech movement : sounds and songs of the demonstrations / produced by Stan Axelrod.
The documentary on the Free Speech Movement of the sixties begins with a sit-in of 6,000 students at the administration building, Sproul Hall. Various speakers voice their concerns and opinions regarding students' rights and the faculty's involvement. Recorded is the arrest of Jack Weinberg, a recent graduate and civil rights activist. Mario Savio speaks to the demonstrators at the protest. Followed are Free Speech Movement songs with unidentified artists. From album produced by Dustin Mark Miller

University of California Regents meeting, December 18, 1964
Free Speech Movement rally sounds at UCLA on the day of the University of California Regents meeting December 18th, 1964. Begins with Christmas caroling by a university chorale group. Later is a dialogue between Free Speech Movement supporters and Free Speech Movement opponents moderated by Colin D. Edwards. Interview by Colin D. Edwards with Assemblyman (25th District) William Stanton on reaching Regents decision.

Scott Keech 1966 Report from Berkeley
Part 1: Scott Keech reports on the Free Speech Movement at the University California, Berkeley. The recording begins with Mario Savio reading an agreement made between the students and UC Berkeley on October 2, 1964. It is followed with actuality from the student strike. The demonstrators debate whether to act politically or morally but then are interrupted by the arrests of students in the lobby. FSM leaders continue to speak on what the protest encompasses.

Part 2: Report and actuality of the student strike and Free Speech Movement at University of California, Berkeley. An explanation is given by the administration for calling the police on the sit-in. The reason the police were called was because the protest was being led by non-students, the bookstore was not able to function, amnesty was offered to students but was refused, and no evidence was given that they were planning on leaving. Demonstrators are given a chance to ask questions and get answers from the administration.

Part 3: The recording consists of reports and actuality of the student strike and Free Speech Movement at U.C. Berkeley. Demonstrators continue to ask questions and get answers from the administration. At the rally, Mario Savio speaks about the free speech issues and announces that they will go on strike. Scott Keech phones in a report on the meeting of about 250-300 faculty members and the rest of the events of the rally and strike.


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