International Students
during the Free Speech Movement

12/3/2019, The Inquirer, Resist and Revolt: What students today can learn from Berkeley's Free Speech Movement, Prabhat Jain

"'Listen up everybody! All foreign students, people who are not registered at the University, seniors and disabled people all need to leave right now. If you do not leave, you will be arrested and many of you will be shipped to the country where you came from and others thrown into jail for trespassing on private property,' Mario Savio, leader of the Free Speech Movement, screamed into the loudspeakers."

Rolf-Hasso Lutz: Student from Germany arrested in the FSM

As foreign students at the University of California we, the undersigned, are in a secial position vis-a-vis the University and the Free Speech Movement




A note on method. Not all FSM-issued documents survived. Michael Rossman's inventory was informed by the collection of reproduction masters saved by Print Central. These also provide dates and contectual notes at times, and establish that the FSM printed documents authored by groups within the coalition, such as the University Society of Libertarians and the Iranian Students Group. The FSM also reprinted items from the Faculty Senate, newspapers, and others. Finally, there are multiple masters for important documents which were intended to be circulated widely, pointing to a deep and dedicated typing pool as well as the limited reproduction capacity of each master sheet.

Various methods were used: some proof docs were attached to the folders which held the repro masters, and a few among these turned out to be the only printed copies extant; in some cases the repro master had a light colored face and this was scanned conventionally, with a reflective scanner, with the print showing as dark images; in one case there was a good image on the blotter sleeve holding the master, created by excess ink after the print run, and scanned conventionally; the remaining masters were rested upon a light table (a computer screen showing white) and photographhed by a hand-held Sansung S8+ phone in a dark room, and post-processed in Photoshop. It is possible that prints were never made of some masters, or were made, but not distributed.

You can zoom in on the dcument below, which shows a hand-held photo of the (posed on a light table) master on its two sides and the resultant positive made from the left-most scan.

1964 12-04-05 IRANIAN STUDENTS on 8.5 x 18 Kleen Write perforated sheet