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2004 FSM Re-issue CD of Speeches, Songs, and Carols

Joy to UC Free Speech Carols
11/24/1964 7 inch disc

2.5 x 3.625 inches

Is Freedom Academic? KPFA Summary Listen to it

Is Freedom Academic? back cover
NARRATION: Scott Keech – PRODUCTION: Scott Keech and Al Silbowitz – TECHNICAL PRODUCTION: George Craig – RECORDINGS: Erwin Goldsmith, Scott Keech, Burton White, John Whiting; and Bob Conheim, Colin Edwards, Bruce Henstell, Jerome Jenkins, Sid Roger, Al Silbowitz – PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Dane Cannon, Jack Nessel, Charles Shere; and Ray Bridge, Warren Vam Orden, Gary Taylor – COVER DESIGN: Ellen Anderson – Cover Photograph: Marshall Windmiller

FSM's Sounds & Songs of the Demonstration! Pacifica Notes Listen to it

FSM's Sounds & Songs of the Demonstration! Back cover Dustin Mark Miller, Producer

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