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FSM 30th Anniversary Program (1994)

Public Presentations

This decennial anniversary of the FSM was celebrated again with a veterans' reunion and an extensive public program on the Berkeley campus, co-sponsored by the Graduate Assembly. (Click here to see the full program and poster.) We videotaped most of the public presentations, and will put their texts online when volunteers are found to help with transcription.

Our friends at Consensus Designs did extensive video interviews with veterans at this reunion, and produced FREE@30, an hour-long videotape pivoted around Mario, in time for his memorial. Copies will be available from FSM-A when we get our "merchandise" page organized. (Expressions of interest will speed this process.)

Noon Rally, Sproul Plaza (12/2)

Margo Adler, Jackie Goldberg, Maureen Karpan, Mario Savio, Jack Weinberg

What Happened in the FSM: The issues, the events, the spirit. (12/1)

Gentri Anders, Ken Cloke, Troy Duster, Barbara Garson, David Goines (Intro: Reginald Zelnik)

Legal Issues of the FSM (12/1)

Ann Fagan Ginger, Howard Jeter, Bob Truehaft, Federal Judge Lowell Jensen

Psychological Dimensions of the FSM (12/3)

Neal Blumenfeld, Lyn Duff, Jay Mahler

The FSM in Long Perspective: What difference did it make, how is it seen? (12/2)

Joey Baer, Dick Flacks, Jackie Goldberg, Michael Rossman, Sze-Ping Lo (Robby Cohen, moderator)

The Current Political Situation (12/3)

Barbara Christian, Ringo Hallinan, Greil Marcus, Ruth Rosen, Mario Savio, Jack Weinberg

Current Free Speech Issues (12/2)

Kate Coleman, Peter Franck, Susan Griffin, Robert Post, Erika Shuh; Ann Fagan Ginger & Vivian Rothstein from floor (Marge Frantz, moderator)

Current UC First Amendment Attacks (12/2)

David Nadel, Steven Dunifer, Don Nicodemus, Bob Sparks

Poetry Reading (11/30)

Alta, Michael Rossman, John Oliver Simon, Julia Vinograd, et al.


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