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 FSM@40: Free Speech
 in a Dangerous Time

 Program for Events

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Transcripts - Texts of FSM@40 speeches are Here.  

Read What the Press Reported on FSM@40 Events HERE
Sunday, 10/10 SF Chronicle reports on
FBI Surveillance of Mario for years!
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“FSM@40: Free Speech in a Dangerous Time”

OCT 4-10, 2004; U.C. Berkeley campus

* = confirmed speaker; others probable.

12-2 p.m.: film: "Berkeley in the 60s" (Free Speech Movement Cafe at Moffitt Library)

6-8 p.m.: DeCal panel: Students, Power, and the Desires of Society (FSM Cafe)
[in center of campus, within Moffitt Library]
7-9 p.m.: DeCal class: “Spirit of Cal"--FSM vets speak (3108 Etcheverry Hall)
7:30-10 p.m.: FSM & Civil Liberties poetry: John Oliver Simon*, Russell Gonzaga*, Julia Vinograd*, UC Poetry Slam*; Opal Palmer Adisa*, Will Staple*, Q. R. Hand*, Poetry for the People* (Bears' Lair, downstairs in MLK Student Union)

10 a.m.-12 noon: Documenting group meets (FSM Cafι, location above)
12-2 p.m.: film: "Berkeley in the 60s" (FSM Cafe)
3:15-5:30 p.m.: Panel: Effective Strategies of Change I: Michael Lerner* [Tikkun], John Sellers* [Ruckus Society], David Solnit* [Art & Revolution], Kevin Dannaher* [Global Exchange] (2050 Valley Life Sciences Building)
6-7 p.m.: Lower Sproul Plaza music: performer(s) TBA
[Utah Phillips has had to cancel, but is okay]
7-10 p.m.: 2004 Mario Savio Memorial Lecture by Molly Ivins,* w/ Young Activist Award presentation (Zellerbach Hall). Tickets are free and available at Zellerbach starting at 5:00 p.m.
9:30 p.m. on: Open poetry reading (Starry Plough, 3101 Shattuck)

9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Fieldtrip: Oakland Museum "California & the Vietnam Era"
[FSM vets: Check at FSM@40 registration table about reserving a spot on a 9:30 a.m. bus going from Telegraph & Bancroft to the museum and bringing people back afterwards. Also ask about car rides back a little earlier from the museum, for people who want to attend one of the noon events on campus.]
12-1 p.m.: Panel: FSM & Sixties: Lessons for Today: Alex Cockburn* [CounterPunch], Lenni Brenner* (aka Lenny Glaser), Jack Heyman* [ILWU], Michael Rossman* (Sproul Plaza near Bancroft Ave.)
12-1:15 p.m.: Talk: Jo Freeman, What Happened at Berkeley: How the Culture of Anti-Communism Shaped Protest in the Sixtes (119 Moses Hall)
1:30-3:30 p.m.: Panel: How it Worked: Nuts and Bolts of the FSM: Kathleen Piper,* John Sutake*, Thom Irwin*, Jack Radey* (International House)
3:30-5:30 p.m.: Panel: Berkeley and the Black Freedom Struggle: Then and Now: Waldo Martin*, Mike Miller*, Tamam Moncur (Tracy Sims)*, Hardy Frye*, Josie Hyman* [BAMN], Cassie Lopez* (#) (International House)
3:30-5:00 p.m.: "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge": Richard Schmorleitz play reading (MLK Student Union)
6:45-9:30 p.m.: Focus on the FSM: Its Genesis, Meanings, and Consequences: Julia Vinograd*, Ken Cloke*, Peter Franck*, Jo Freeman*, Bettina Aptheker*, Michael Rossman*, Greil Marcus*--preceded by a film clip from "Berkeley in the Sixties" (International House)

9-12 noon: Ideas Fair: political tables and special faculty classes (in Sproul Plaza)
9:15-11:45 a.m.: Panel: Effective Strategies of Change II: Jackie Goldberg* [State Assemblywoman], Gloria la Riva* [A.N.S.W.E.R.], Bettina Aptheker* [FSM vet and activist/educator], Joan Blades* [Moveon.org], Raj Jayadev [Silicon Valley De-Bug, union organizer] (160 Kroeber Hall)
12-1:30 p.m.: NOON RALLY AROUND POLICE CAR IN SPROUL PLAZA, with dissection of the Patriot Act: singer Terry Garthwaite, M.C.s Bettina Aptheker* [UC/SC] & Misha Leybovich* [ASUC Pres.], Jackie Goldberg* [State Assemblywoman], Howard Dean* [ex-Presidential candidate], Bob Kearney
*  [ACLUNC], Tony Serra* [attorney], Robert Birgeneau* [new UCB Chancellor], Julia Vinograd* [poet], Rosha Jones* & Hiraa Khan* [BACLU] (@) Speeches
1:30-4 p.m.: TEACH-IN ON 12 CURRENT CIVIL LIBERTIES ISSUES (in and around Sproul Hall or, in case of rain, rooms 20/110/126/166 Barrows). See list below of issues & speakers. (@)
7:45-9:00 p.m.: Talk by Seymour Hersh*, acclaimed investigative reporter (Pauley Ballroom, Student Union) (+)
6:15-11:00 p.m.: Redwood Gardens Community Room, 2951 Derby St.
6-:15-9:15 interactive broadcast of 3rd Presidential debate with satirists Paul Krassner*, Scoop Nisker*, Kris Welch*, Ishmael Reed*
9:15-11: Rock dance-concert, Clan Dyken*
7-11 p.m.: Sixties Film Festival: "Berkeley in the Sixties," "Freedom on My Mind" (142 Dwinelle)


10-12, 1-3, and 3:15-5: TEN PANELS ON CURRENT CIVIL LIBERTIES ISSUES (MLK Student Union). See list below of issues, speakers, & rooms.

10 a.m.-12 noon
: Panel: And the Spirit Moved Us: Religion and the FSM: Walter Herbert*, Marilyn Noble*, Dustin Miller* (MLK Student Union, Tan Oak room) Text
1-3 p.m.: Campus Unions and the State of Unionizing
Margy Wilkinson*, other speakers TBA (West Pauley Ballroom)
2-5:30 p.m.: Satire performances & panel: Bruce Barthol*, Stoney Burke*, Karen Ripley*, Bernard Gilbert*, Aundre the WonderWoman*, Paul Krassner* (Alumni House)1-5 p.m.: Sixties Film Festival: "Eyes on the Prize V," "Weather Underground,” “Yippie "Free@30" (142 Dwinelle)
5-7:30 p.m.: socializing -- FSM vets and students (MLK Student Union)
7:30-11 p.m.: Folk music hootenanny  (MLK Student Union, Pauley Ballroom)
      Civil liberties and FSM songs
      7 :30
: Freedom Song Network* & Dave Welsh*,  Eliot Kenin*, Nancy Schimmel*
: Sylvia Bagge*, Mokai,* Betsy Rose,*, Jason Miller*, Max Ventura*
: Faith Petric*, Diane Patterson*, Rachel Garlin*,  Ronnie Gilbert*
: Rebecca Riots*, Free Speech Carols (original singers!),  Ira Chaleff*
: Hali Hammer*, Robert Temple*, Judith Kate Freidman*, Welfare Cheats/Brook
:  Clan Dyken, come shake a leg

9 a.m.-2 p.m.: SLATE mini-reunion, Stiles Hall
10 a.m.-10 p.m.: FSM veterans gathering in Strawberry Canyon Recreational Facility
   10-12: Beverages, socializing
   12-2:15: Sandwiches, socializing
   2:15-3:15: Memorial for Reggie Zelnik & others; honoring living elders
   3:30 on: Group discussion: effects on our lives; how we cope now, what to do
   6-7: Spaghetti dinner, socializing after
   8: Singing
   9: Collective cleanup

(+) Part of a conference on Resisting Government Secrecy in a Time of Terrorism, sponsored by the Graduate School of Journalism, in conjunction with the California First Amendment Coalition.
(#) Co-sponsored with the Institute for the Study of Social Change.
(@) Co-sponsored with the ASUC and campus ACLU

(1:30-4 p.m., in and around Sproul Hall; follow the signs)

• Affirmative Action: Ronald Cruz* (BAMN], Mary Louise Frampton* [Center for Social Justice, Boalt Law School]
• Civil Discourse and Student Discipline: Karen Kenney* [Dean of Students], Yvette Felarca [BAMN]*
• The Internet and Civil/Cyber Liberties: Lee Felsenstein*
• The Media and Civil Liberties: Peter Franck*
• Drug Policies and Civil Liberties: Jeff Jones* [Cannabis Buyers Club]
• Academic Freedom: Ignacio Chapela*
• The Patriot Act: Stephen Bingham*, Ann Fagan Ginger* [MCLI]
• Libraries and Civil Liberties: Lincoln Cushing*
• Reproductive Rights: Alissa Shaw* [Planned Parenthood], Maggie Crosby* [ACLUNC]
• Racial Justice Disparities: Samina Faheem* [American Muslim Voice], Maya Harris,* [ACLUNC]
• The Draft: Sandra Schwartz* [AFSC-PBU], Steve Morse* [CCCO]

(upstairs in MLK Student Union; follow signs)

• Affirmative Action: Waldo Martin, Margaret Russell, Ronald Cruz*, Gordon Liu* [BAMN] (East Pauley Ballroom)
• Civil Discourse and Student Discipline: Karen Kenney* [Dean of Students], Jessica Quindel* [past Graduate Assembly president], Barbara Epstein* [UCSC faculty], Yvette Felarca [BAMN]* (West Pauley Ballroom)
• The Internet and Civil/Cyber Liberties: Brewster Kahle*, John Perry Barlow*, Lee Felsenstein* (Tilden Room)

(upstairs in MLK Student Union; follow signs)

• The Media and Civil Liberties: Peter Franck*, Dorothy Kidd*, Jeff Perlstein,* Karoline Hatch*(East Pauley Ballroom)
• Drug Policies and Civil Liberties: John Gilmore*, Dale Gieringer*, Earth & Fire Erowid* (Tilden Room)
• Campus Unions and the State of Unionizing  Margy Wilkinson*, other speakers TBA. (West Pauley Ballroom)
• Academic Freedom: Ignacio Chapela*, Steven Thorsett, Hazar al-Sayyad (Tan Oak Room)

(upstairs in MLK Student Union; follow signs)

• The Patriot Act: Stephen Bingham*, Ann Fagan Ginger* [MCLI], Nancy Hormachea* [NLG] (West Pauley Ballroom)
• Libraries and Civil Liberties: Tom Leonard*, Amy Kautzman*, Jackie Griffin*, Michael Gorman, Zoia Horn (Tan Oak Room)
• Racial Justice Disparities: Maya Dillard Smith* [National Civic Engagement Project], Samina Faheem* [American Muslim Voice], Hardy Frye* (East Pauley Ballroom)

Comments or suggestions?  Direct these to Michael Rossman: [email mrossman -at- sbcglobal.net ]



Will you be in town for FSM@40 and have something to say as part
of the Oral History being gathered by Lisa Ruben for the Bancroft Library?

If you have specific stories, reflections, observations to make and are willing to be interviewed email: Lisa: at lrubens@socrates.Berkeley.EDU


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