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On Friday, the Regents acted. They passed a policy statement concerning the regulation of political activity at the University of California. On the question of advocacy, the most controversial issue in the Free Speech fight, the Regents endorsed a policy which was recommended before October 13 by the University of California General Counsel. Thus, over a month of petitioning and negotiating was totally ignored. The Regents ruled that the advocacy of "illegal action" is grounds for discipline. By all administrative interpretations of this policy, if an action is advocated, and after the fact an unlawful act occurs which can in any way be connected with the advocacy, the on-campus speaker can be expelled. Thus if arrests occur during any civil rights demonstration, an on-campus speaker who advocated participation in that demonstration, or a student who handed out leaflets about the demonstration could be expelled. Arbitrary harassments against student activity were made practicable by provisions for increased staff in the Dean's Office and in the Police Department. Chancellor Strong yesterday published rules implementing the Regents' policy. They were as expected; no protections against arbitrary administrative action were provided. The administration is the sole judge of what is legal, what is not, what violates rules, what does not. The purpose of the policy is to provide a tool for the further suppression of student political activity; it is not to protect students.

Chancellor Strong tried to appear to accept the proposal of the faculty contingent of the Williams committee. Thls group, however, admittedly framed their proposals in a manner they were sure was acceptable to Kerr. They do not represent faculty opinion. Far more liberal views have been expressed in the many other proposals submitted by faculty groups. But Strong didn't accept even that conservative position -- and notably, retained the Faculty Committee on Student conduct to handle all cases of discipline. By its history of star-chamber proceedings this committtee has established itself as totally unacceptable.

The F.S.M. cannot recognize these attempts to stifle the exercise [of] our rights. Since the administration has failed in its mandate to provide regulations by which student political organizations can adequately function, those engaging in political activity will follow the regulations of the F.S.M.

Should the administration take action against any student or student organization on account of his exercising his rights, the F.S.M. shall protect that student or organization with whatever action is appropriate and necessary for the defence of such rights.


There will be a RALLY at NO0N today in which the Du Bois Club, Campus Core, and Slate will advocate off-campus political activity. There will be tables set up all over campus, including now traditional areas. All activity will proceed by F.S.M. regulations.


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