The May 13, 1963 Revival of The Cal Reporter

This SLATE publication issued by Mike Schwartz, Jo Freeman, Sandor Fuchs, Brad Cleaveland, Ken Cloke, and Steve DeCanio set forth many of the issues which came into play in the FSM and later in the Educational Reform movement.

SLATE Student Political Party
Berkeley 4, California

May 13, 1963

Dear Reader:

Ten thousand copies of the enclosed Cal Reporter were distributed on the Berkeley campus today. It was the first general indictment of the university-as-such. Enormous support was needed for this to happen. SLATE had that support days before actual distribution. Campus elements supporting this indictment were comprised of the3ntire range of political alignments.

Major news journals, local newspapers, most of the State's educationists, Junior colleges, state colleges, and university campuses, received copies of the Cal Reporter. California legislators and e1ected Federal legislators, as well as selected universities on the national scene were also sent copies.

SLATE's purpose is simple: to begin serious discussion on the issue of education amongst those who are ultimately responsible - given the mandate of the people - for the form end substance of higher education. We plan vigorous agitation along these lines until what we consider to be far reaching changes are made. At that time we plan to offer earnest criticism, of proposed changes.

Our purpose is informed by a simple general notion: institutions of higher learning in California fail to educate. They train for profeessions, for technical jobs, and are generally vocationally oriented. It is our belief that training and education are not the same. We believe that students learn, much in the fashion of Pavlov's dogs, to avoid extended thought within the system of higher education.

We feel deprived of education in depth. We plan to agitate until those responsible make changes. To this end we plan regular publication of the Cal Reporter in the Fall of 1963.

The Editors