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High School student Madeleine Riskin-Kutz's paper on center-to-rightwing participation in the FSM including interviews with Dr. Warren Coats, 1964 member of the University Young Republicans and representive of the group in the FSM and Dr. Sally Cahill Tannenbaum about her late brother Paul Cahill, who in 1964 was a law student, member of the University Young Republicans and President of the University Society of Individualists (USI) and represented these groups in the FSM. He died in 2016.


FSM handbill, December 4, 1964:


The San Francisco Examiner listed the following as member organizationsmof the Free Speech Movement on the Berkeley campus:

Women for Peace
Campus Civil Liberties Union
University Friends of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
Young Democrats
Students for Democratic Action
Campus College Republicans
Conservatives for an Open Campus (an ad hoc group formed recently from members of the Young Republicans and Cal Students for Goldwater)
Particle, Berkeley (a Group of math and science students)
University Society of Libertarians
Independent Socialist Club
Young People’s Socialist League
Democratic Socialists
W.E.B. DuBois Club
Hillel Student Council (a Jewish student group)
Catholics for Social Action
University Church Council (a Protestant student group)
Graduate Students Coordinating Committee
Independent Students

This list was published in the San Francisco Examiner of Thursday, November 26, on page 23.

The Trouble in Berkeley, p. 25:
The United Front

Young Republicans
University Society of Individualists
Cal Students for Goldwater
California College Republicans
Particle Berkeley (student magazine)
Young Democrats
Student Civil Liberties Union
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
Friends of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
Slate (campus political party)
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
W.E.B. DuBois Club
Young Socialist Alliance, Young People's Socialist League (YPSL)
Independent Socialist Club (ISC)
Women for Peace
Committee for Independent Political Action
May 2d Committee
Students for Fair Housing.
Later groups sending delegates included the Interfaith Council, Democratic Socialist Club, and University Society of Libertarians.

10/14/1964, Daily Californian, FSM Represents Many, Ann Lubar

"However, since FSM's formation, many additional groups have been given representatives on the Executive Council. The following political organizations have two representatives each on the Executive Council: California Council of Republicans, Citizens for Independent Political Action, Congress of Racial Equality, Independent Socialist Club, Students for Fair Housing, Students' Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, W.E.B. DuBois Club, Women for Peace, Young Democrats, Young Republicans, and the Young Socialists' Alliance. In addition, there are seven representatives from the Independent Student Group, an organization of students who do not belong to any political clubs, and three representatives from the Independent Graduate Students, non-affiliated graduate students. The Inter-Faith Council has three representatives on the Executive Council, supposedly one Protestant, one Jewish, and one Catholic, although the FSM press secretary said he was unclear on this point. Also on the Executive Council is Jack Weinberg, the only non-student representative on the Council. He was given a vote because he was arrested, according to an FSM spokesman. Similarly, three of the eight students suspended by the University do not belong to any organizations. Since the other five are representatives of various groups and have votes on the Executive Council, the three were also given votes. There are also two representatives from Particle, an undergraduate science and math organization. The Steering Committee, which currently has nine members, was elected by the Executive Council from among the representatives on the Executive Council. It is the Steering Committee which has been negotiating with the administration."

Precursor to the FSM, September 17, 1964 Petition Online Archive of California

Petition given to Dean Towle
Sept. 17, 1964

We are students-American students--who believe in the right and duty to hold, relate, and advocate positions and actions that reflect our desire to promote a continually improving world. The University especially is under a moral obligation to insure that full discussions of the important ideas and issues affecting our society and world continue.

But to discuss is not enough. The democratic process is one of carrying into action the ideas and issues freely aired in free discussion. Free speech means not only freedom to discuss issues in abstract intellectual terms, but means freedom to advocate actions based on such discussion.

The intersection at Bancroft and Telegraph represents the most frequently travelled area near the campus. And because each of us taken seriously this obligation to be informed participants in our society--and not armchair intellectuals--we feel that this location alone guarantees not only our right to speak, but to be heard! It is a valueless right to have free speech if our corresponding rights to reach people with our ideas and to advocate action on them are not protected.

All of us subscribe to Chancellor Strong's statement that "The University is no ivory tower shut away from the world, and from the needs and problems of society." To eliminate the use of Bancroft and Telegraph is to shut this University up in an ivory tower. It is to limit the freedom of ideas which is necessary to produce truly educated citizens of a democratic society.

We believe that the continued use of the Bancroft and Telegraph privileges will cause Chancellor Strong's goals of "exposure to critical questions and search for knowledge" to be furthered.

And, therefore, we respectfully submit for consideration as policy the following:

1. Tables for the student organizations at Bancroft and Telegraph will be named at all times.
2. The organizations shall provide their own tables and chairs; no University property shall be borrowed.
3. There shall be no more than one table in front of each pillar and one at each side of the entrance way. No tables shall be placed in front of the entrance posts.
4. No posters shall be attached to posts of pillars. Posters shall be attached to tables only.
5. We shall take every effort to see that provisions 1-4 are carried out and shall publish such rules and distribute them to the various student organizations.
6. The tables at Bancroft and Telegraph may be used to distribute literature advocating action on current issues with the understanding that the student organizations do not represent the University of California--thus these organizations will not use the name of the University and will disassociate themselves from the University as an institution.
7. Donations may be accepted at the tables.

Campus Core
University Society of Individualists
Du Bois Club of Berkeley
Young People's Socialist League
University Young Republicans
University Young Democrats
Young Socialist Alliance
Campus Women for Peace
Youth for Goldwater
Student Committee for Travel to Cuba
Student Committee for "No on Prop. 14." (Students for Fair Housing)
University Friends of SNCC
Students for Democratic Society
College Young Republicans
Committee for Independent Political Action
Youth Committee Against Prop. 14
Independent Socialist Club

December 13, 1964: The University Society of Libertarians. No known copies of this survivie.
This image was created from a reproduction master from the set created and saved by the FSM.





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