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High School student Madeleine Riskin-Kutz's paper on center-to-rightwing participation in the FSM including interviews with Dr. Warren Coats, 1964 member of the University Young Republicans and representive of the group in the FSM and Dr. Sally Cahill Tannenbaum about her late brother Paul Cahill, who in 1964 was a law student, member of the University Young Republicans and President of the University Society of Individualists (USI) and represented these groups in the FSM. He died in 2016.
A version of this paper also appears on the website of the Freedom Forum Institute's First Amendment Center

The Event
The video
What Barbara Stack said (transcript)

December 10, 2016 Party at Redwood Gardens

April 2, 2017
visit by Denver School of the Arts eighth grader Lilia Scudamore researching for the National History Day competition
photos by Jennifer Reich.
see Lilia's 10-minute film on YouTube

Lilia and FSM arrestees Geoff Hirsch and David Goines at FSM ground zero,
"the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement"
"the Bancroft Strip"

Lilia interviewing Geoff Hirsch in front of Sproul Hall, near where the police car was detained on October 1, 1964.

David Goines and Lilia Scudamore at Sather Gate


On February 27, 2015, the UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project, as part of its unit, Teaching the Free Speech Movement, hosted a group of FSM participants and arrestees for interviews by seniors in the Ethnic Studies class at CAL Prep High School in Berkeley. This project was funded through a grant from the UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Community Partnership Fund. The Interviews now on YouTube.

Miriam Berg

Miriam Berg Daily Cal article

Adrianne Aron

John Jekabson Daily Cal article

Bob Cirese Daily Cal article

Jack Litewka

Linda Artel

Robert Dietrich

Patti Iiyama The Militant article

December, 2014: Eight Berkeley High School classes visit Berkeley Historical Society FSM Exhibit

4/12/2014: Congrats to Hack FSM winning site Daily Cal story
L to R: Gar Smith, FSM-A, winners Kevin Casey, Craig Hiller, and Alice Jia Qi. Liu, Cassie Xiong
and Mary Elings, Bancroft Library Head of Digital Collections. Photo by Camille Villa.


On March 19, 2013, 20 students from Massachusetts' Gann Academy and some of their teachers, led by American History teacher Matt Conti, came to California and to Berkeley to further their understanding of social justice movements, particularly the Free Speech Movement and AIDS activism. Bruce Africa, Ann Fagan Ginger, Ernie Haberkern, Anita Medal, Dana MacDermott, Irene Siegel, Gar Smith, Barbara Stack, and Margie Wilkinson joined them for a walk around campus and down Telegraph Avenue.

March 18, 2013 Ann Ginger speaks to Gann Academy students
Rapt students as well as FSMers Anita Medal and Dana MacDermott occupy Sproul Hall to listen to Ann Fagan Ginger speak about freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Gar Smith photo.

Anita and Ann were absent from this photo because they had highjacked another campus tour group with their true tales of the FSM. FSMers L to R: Irene Siegel, Dana MacDermott, Ernie Haberkern, Margie Wilkinson. Gar Smith photo.






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