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FSM Archives Party at Redwood Gardens
2951 Derby Street, Berkeley, CA 94705
October 21, 2018, Sunday at 5:00 pm. Potluck $5.
Wheelchair access

MAP to Redwood Gardens

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Redwood Gardens is located on the old Clark Kerr Campus, formerly the School for the Deaf.

#51 runs along College Avenue, 2 blocks away

Old 49 Bus has been discontinued!
the 79 bus combines the old 49 line with the old 25 line
map & schedule

Directions to those coming from within Berkeley:
Go east on Dwight Way to the stoplight on Dwight and Piedmont Ave. (the third stoplight after the ones at Telegraph Ave and College Ave. Turn right onto Piedmont Ave. Go approximately 0.2 miles to where Piedmont Ave. ends at Derby St. (you will have passed the entrance to the Clark Kerr Campus on your left). Go left on Derby and proceed 0.1 miles. You should be looking to your left for a bus shelter next to an awning with 2951 on it in white letters. Claremont Blvd. intersects Derby on your right at this spot.

Directions from those entering Berkeley from Caldecott tunnel
or going east on 580:
Take highway 13 which becomes Tunnel Road and go to the second stoplight at the intersection of Ashby Ave. and Claremont. Turn right on Claremont Blvd, being careful to keep to your left as the road divides (tacquiria restaurant on traffic island should be on your right). You are now on Belrose Ave., which in a few blocks curves around to the left onto Derby St. Look for the bus shelter/awning with 2951 on it in white letters on your right, and Claremont Blvd. intersecting Derby on you left. Proceed as above to enter Redwood Gardens.

Directions from Hwy 80/580 on the bayshore side of Berkeley:
Take University Ave. exit and proceed 2.3 mile on University Ave. until it ends at Oxford St. Turn right onto Oxford St., stay in the right lane, and go 0.5 miles to Dwight Way (Oxford changes name to Fulton, but nevermind that). Turn left onto Dwight way, go 0.7 mile to the fifth stoplight at Piedmont Ave (the previous two stoplights being at Telegraph Ave and College Ave. Turn right onto Piedmont Ave., go 0.1 mile where it ends at Derby (you will pass the main entrance to the Clark Kerr Campus on your left). Turn left onto Derby and begin looking on your left for bus shelter/awning with 2951 on it in white letters. Claremont Blvd. intersects Derby on the right at this spot. Proceed as above to enter Redwood Gardens.

There is parking on both sides of Derby Street and in adjacent neighborhoods.

After parking, go to the awning and up some stone steps, walk to your right a few steps and you will see a sign directing you to the entrance of the building we will be in. A more accessible route takes you just up the street, east of the awning to a partially barricaded driveway which also leads (to the left) to the party.

Leave time for parking and be careful to cross Derby at the crosswalk right outside Redwood Gardens as drivers tend to go fast on Derby Street.

Disabled Access

Wheelchair access to the Community Room at Redwood Gardens, Berkeley via the kitchen emtrance
Go east on Dwight Way almost to the top
Take last right before end: Sports Lane. The only sign is “Strawberry Canyon Youth Sports Camp”
pass tennis courts
Turn Right at Eastway Drive (see sign post) THIS IS NOT MARKED ON MAP BELOW
Southwest Street may be the place
X marks your destination
See turn by turn photos following

Turn right onto Eastway Drive also marked Exit. This is your second possible right turn off Sports Lane and doesn't show on this map.

Pass by residence parking lot on left


After residence parking lot very soon there is a little street on left
Turn left here. The sign says Exit to Derby

Soft Left at Sign Redwood Gardens Office
If you go straight you’ll exit onto Derby

The kitchen entrance is on right. You may park for a short time on the X to unload.

There is one step up

To exit continue up driveway.
Turn left at the top onto Sports Lane
Continue to follow Sports Lane back to Dwight Way







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